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Around 8pm on the 19th of September 2016 
engraved and various dimensions of acrylic glass, glasses, battery light bulb

My installation Around 8pm on the 19th of September 2016 is a reflective piece that documents the autobiographical experience of attempting to return a displaced or lost possession. It recreates the confusion and disillusion involved with not being able to view things as they truly seem. This specific event is detailed in a letter, engraved onto one of the rectangular sheets displayed. The engraved letter expresses the sense of hopelessness in trying to return such a vital item to an anonymous person that is no longer present. In this case the lost item, being a pair of glasses, is repurposed and becomes apart of a symbolic gesture. 

The acrylic glass is placed horizontally, flat to the ground. The diagonal placement of these pieces, perpendicular to each other creates energy and dynamism. They signify an obstacle course of transparent planes. Likened to the windows of a bus or markers of houses and buildings. They mimic the format of travelled roads and voyeurism; this is implied by the glasses that remain behind the barrier of a square piece.

The hand written text of the letter provides a personal context to the abstract, and clean geometry of the installation. This letter is placed alongside a battery operated light bulb, the light provides viewers the opportunity to interact with in the narrative. Ideally the bulb should be used to manipulate the installation through the control of light and shadows. Creating shifting, dancing shadows that exceed the scale of the tangible material. 

The installation remains in a state of transit, imitating what it is like to loose a grounded perception of your surroundings. Particularly in the dark.

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