graphic novel (120 pages, 19 x 23.5 cm) and installation (21 sheets of red pencil on paper, wrapped diaries and sketchbooks, chair)


B.L.U.N.T. is an auto bio graphic novel that presents an array of experimental comics, and vignette drawings which explores concepts of identity, secrecy, and visibility. My aim was to utilise the unique visual language of comics to therapeutically translate stories and thoughts that I would otherwise find difficult to orally express. As during the creation of this project, I considered questions about personal history, what we choose to share or omit, and how such a choice changes based on different company. The graphic novel contains hand drawn pages that were then converted into a digital format and collated.


B.L.U.N.T. as a book is contextualised with in an installation that is composed of objects from my home and calendrical drawings. The ornate dining room chair represents the façade of wealth and goodness in the pseudo-public domestic setting. However, it is broken. The chair is supported by a pile of inaccessible diaries and sketchbooks collected from my lifetime. This assemblage of the chair, diaries and sketchbooks, as history and personal context, has stimulated the creation of the graphic novel, which is the focal point. The sheets of paper on the wall contain hand drawn panels or “months” which represent my age. These blank panels also imply the ongoing potentiality of this project.

Selected pages from the B.L.U.N.T. graphic novel

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