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This titled work Hindsight explores reconstructing memory as a therapeutic measure for moving on from emotionally burdensome experiences. It revisits the past through a series of foundational ink drawings, video, and engraved glass sculpture. This project stemmed from the drawing Going.


The drawings act as an illustrative tool for reconstructing long term memories, made permanent through engraving acrylic glass sheets. The transparent engraved sheets are of a cryptic nature that play on the negative perceptions of tarnished glass. I intended to express a sense of concealment and fragility surrounding the idea of memories that are deemed sentimental or traumatic. As the work denotes autobiographical experiences, I aimed to filter such personal content through non-representational depictions.

Heavy I
Heavy II
Driftwood I
Driftwood II
State I
State II
Steep I
Steep II
Viol I
Viol II
Underground I
Underground II
Health I
Health II
Haul I
Haul II
Relish I
Relish II
Versus I
Versus II
Aloft I
Aloft II
Cott I
Cott II
Decline I
Decline II
Pooled I
Pooled II
Stick I
Stick II

acrylic glass, led light
900 x 600 mm

Photo credit: Honny Palayukan

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