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PLOTTHOUGHT | Unwind Here 
30th of July 2015


Shared dimensions, unravelled we fit.


A collaborated installation directed by Lucy Pearmain and I, made possible with the helping hands of Cheryl Har Art, Ryebekkah Chalmers and Jeremy Ansell. This ever changing installation was a free form piece conducted during the 'I Am Me We are Us' exhibition. We aimed to push the boundaries of the white cube, in this case UWA's ArtLaab, and reinvent the gallery space as a submersive experience where individuals were able to let go 

                           react to music 
     be playful 
                                                           plot these emotions floor to wall 
                                                                                                             and unwind from a very long day.


When all the string had been thrown, scattered and tacked, the lights were turned off, a cube lantern constructed by all participating members was illuminated in the centre of the chaos, concluding with a viewing of Jeremy Ansell's Art film 'Mosiacs'.

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